Using a gift card code


How to use a gift card code

Gift cards can only be redeemed during Checkout.

Note: Gift cards cannot be applied with PayPal or Apple Pay quick check out. Use the full version of checkout to redeem.

How to redeem your gift card code during Checkout:

During the third checkout step, "Payment", click on the "add promo code or gift card" link. The promo code box will then be displayed right under the "Credit Card" and "PayPal buttons".

If you have a discount code, this is also where you can apply it to your order.

Once you enter your code, hit "Apply". If your gift card code was accepted, you're all set! 

Why isn't my gift card code working?

There are a few reasons why your gift card code might not be working correctly.

We highly recommend copying and pasting the code into the "Promo Code" field instead of trying to type it by hand. 

If your gift card balance has already been fully used, you will no longer be able to redeem it. Not sure what your gift card balance is? You can check it here! 

If your code is still not working, please contact us.

Do gift cards expire? 

Grommet gift cards do not expire! If you don’t use the full gift card balance on one order, the remaining balance will be waiting for you the next time you want to make a purchase. Not sure what your gift card balance is? You can check it here!